The Carriers of Light TeleChannel

‘The Power of Intimacy’!

Learn how to increase your life-force energy & power to manifest

Calling all coaches, intuitives and sensitive entrepreneurs…

You are exclusively invited to a unique one-time live TeleChannel by Iris van Ooyen and the Carriers of Light

Let me ask you:head

  • Is there not enough flow in your life?
  • Do you find it difficult to open up and share from the heart, all the time?
  • Do you often hold back?

Then you must listen to the audio-recording of this powerful live TeleChannel ‘The Power of Intimacy’!

This is what the Carriers of Light have to say to you about this channel:

“This may seem a strange topic and you may wonder how this helps you build a thriving business or lead a more fulfilled life. The truth is that the power of intimacy is highly underrated. We aim to shed light on this important topic so you can heal the scars that are holding you back. Most humans have experienced difficulty with being truly intimate and vulnerable at some point in their life. Whether you are aware of this or not, it is something that is slowing you down and holding you back as you are hesitant to reach out. Whether this is for business ventures or in your personal life. Be true to yourself and join this live TeleChannel. We will provide a powerful activation that will help heal the power within so you can let the energy flow freely and more intimately. Without going into too much detail now we will say this: the life-force energy inside is the most powerful energy here on planet Earth. When that is somehow inhibited or slowed down you will experience challenges in creating the life of your dreams.”

If you are currently not living the life you desire then this live TeleChannel is meant for you!

‘The Power of Intimacy’ has already taken place, Audio-recording is now available!

What will this powerful TeleChannel* from the Carriers of Light bring you:

  • Unique Energetic Activation by the Carriers of Light that helps heal the power inside so you can let the energy flow freely and increase your power to manifest
  • Healing of the scars that slow down the life force energy inside you
  • You will discover how the power of intimacy will help you connect from the heart more fully and more often
  • Valuable and laser focused insights that answer your personal or business related question
  • It will help raise your vibration and release inner blockages
  • You will experience more flow in both your personal and business life
  • You will receive clarity and often feel ‘lighter’ afterwards
  • It will increase your energy level and set things into motion in your life
  • You will feel more ‘plugged in’ and connected with the universal flow
  • Deep understanding and insights can come from the questions asked by other participants. There are often underlying themes that surface and this can shine a light on your situation as well!

This is an important time. You’re being called to heal the scars that slow down the life force energy inside you. During this live TeleChannel the Carriers of Light will facilitate an extremely powerful activation.

“The live channel was very inspiring. Not only the answer to my question, which really felt like a step forward, but I also recognized a lot in the other questions and answers. I have more clarity now and feel lighter in my shoulders and legs. This felt very good and I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of this tonight. Thank you for this beautiful experience.”
Jacqueline Kok, Leiden, The Netherlands
“At first I was a little skeptical about the phenomenon TeleChannel. In my opinion you have to feel each other’s energy and I didn’t think that would be possible over the phone. But nothing is less true! The technique has not impacted the quality of the channeling at all. I have listened in astonishment to the other stories and questions and they touched me. It is afternoon now and I am still ‘sizzling’ from this morning. After the call I felt connected to my inner wisdom. What you said really resonated and fits where I am at. Thank you Iris! And the beauty is that I can still feel the lasting effect!”
Myrtle Vos, Hillegom, The Netherlands

Discover how the power of intimacy will help you connect from the heart more fully and more often and experience the ripple effect that will have on your personal and business life!

Receive channeled insights & powerful healing energy from the Carriers of Light!

Unique live TeleChannel ‘The Power of Intimacy’Iris1

Learn how to increase your life-force energy and your power to manifest



This is how it works

The live TeleChannel is 60 minutes. We will start with a powerful energetic activation by the Carriers of the Light. Then you get a chance to ask Iris your personal or business question and she will tune in for you and provide you with powerful intuitive insights. There are often underlying themes for each call that serve all participants, so be open to receive lots of valuable insights from other questions as well. The call will be recorded and you will automatically receive a recording afterwards so you can (re)listen to it. This is a unique TeleChannel as this is the first time the Carriers of Light will speak on this topic live!

* TeleChannel = Iris tunes in to powerful energy and universal wisdom and passes this on. During the live channel the insights and information are intuited by Iris. You can simply call in from your home or office by phone or Skype. You will receive the phone number and access code when you sign up for this call. As a bonus you receive a free subscription to my Energetic Updates.

This is your investment

Join this powerful 1-hour call live for only €39,95. That is approx. 54 USD. You will also receive an audio-recording from this call.

“Iris, I just wanted to share with you that while I couldn’t attend your last live telechannel, I did listen to the recording and it was SO POWERFUL!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I had an amazing release of weight I had been carrying around and noticed dramatic shifts in my business. In the week following your telechannel, I have noticed an enormous amount of clarity and focus, which is propelling my business forward with consistent momentum (as opposed to that ‘stop and start’ energy I was feeling before). Just that one exercise I learned from you will be something I can do on a regular basis to support clarity and a high level of aligned action. Thank you so much!”
April Choulat, Jacksonville, FL, USA
“I received insights in the current situation and in my own process, I got clarity. My soul was touched in a very personal way. I felt ‘connected’ and that gave me lots of energy. I felt very much in the flow, like a warm bath and a ‘coming home’ feeling. Really great! I received beautiful reminders. And the answer to my question was really very useful. It helped me a lot! This is an easy way to get acquainted with channeling. I can highly recommend it!”
Lo van Beers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

This powerful live TeleChannel is given by Iris van Ooyen

irisscanIris van Ooyen is the healers’ healer. She is an expert at raising your vibration and channels universal energy and wisdom. Iris activates powerful transformations with her healing energy, intuitive insights and extensive experience. She is able to cut to the chase and provide you with a wealth of information and laser focused insights in a very short period of time. She pinpoints what you need to work on and shows the way towards a solution. Iris has helped many clients take the next step on their path and you now have a unique opportunity to ask her a question! Iris is the dedicated spokesperson for the Carriers of Light: a group of energies that is here to support the raise in vibration so you can unlock the insights and energy that help you do what you came here to do.

“Iris, you are very good at tuning in quickly and getting to the core, to then allow transforming energy. Amazing how you do that so rapidly, without detours. You gave a beautiful insight and overview of what is going on energetically! Thank you!”
Kristel Van den Eynden, Knokke-Heist, Belgium,

“I listened to the MP3 of your call and I was impressed with the information you were giving people. It felt very grounded and down to earth. You were able to pinpoint the information and answer their questions without any fluff. I loved how you were able to ‘zero in’ on people’s issues while continuing to be gracious and very supportive.”
Louanne Howard, Georgia, USA,

You’re being called to heal the power inside so you can connect from the heart more easily and experience more flow!

PS Enjoy the powerful energy and insights from this call!